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Information Store Introduction


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Welcome to our unique Information Store Catalog. The articles are listed in three sections: Special Features, Questions & Answers, and Special Scripts. All are for sale for a nominal fee. After reviewing the summaries, you can purchase copies by calling Carol at at 732-536-6215 or sending Email to: SandwchGen@aol.com and mention the article title and number in your correspondence. Use the links above to view the article listings.

The articles are TIPS and "support" oriented. Subject matter ranges from how to communicate positively with an aging parent to how to deal with your own roller coaster emotions, legal and medical issues, spiritual needs, end-of-life decisions, guilt, and much, much more.

We hope you will find the information in these articles both timely and timeless and also helpful to you in your new role on the stage of life.

Special Features cover the broad gamut of issues related to aging and elder/parent care. They are “food” for thought and geared to help you better understand your new challenges. There is no magic wand in handling often touchy and sensitive aging and elder/parent care situations. Hopefully the many TIPS will help you in your day-to-day endeavors and relationships.

Questions and Answers deal with a wide range of scenarios and concerns from both caregivers and elders. My answers are sometimes overly blunt. But I don’t like to beat around the bush. My answers come from real life situations.

Special Scripts, Conversations With Carol: These are scripts from a pilot series of audio tapes. You can ‘purchase' them, just as you can the Special Features and Questions and Answers. DO NOTE: (1) Some of the information on the tapes may also be found in Special Features articles; and (2) these scripts are lengthy, so make sure you have enough paper in your printer.

Do browse all the sections of the Catalog at your leisure, and choose the articles you’d like to purchase.

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